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Books fuel garden planning for the new year

Books fuel garden planning for the new yearBy Terri McAffee   Christmas is behind us, and the gloomy days of winter loom ahead of us yet. The magazine rack is loaded with this year’s catalogs. And the drooling begins.

   But it is too early to really be starting seeds unless you have a greenhouse and are interested in starting perennials for the garden. So how do you fill your time?

   Why not read a garden book to expand your horizons and take the edge off your gardening itch?

   Finding books written with the interior Western gardener in mind is not always easy. I think you’ll find this list of books and the material in them is easily adapted to our gardening needs. I have personally had the pleasure of listening to some of these authors lecture on gardening techniques, and I always went home inspired and ready to tackle my garden. These books will do the same for you.