Fall Clean Up and Winter Protection

1. Weed control

Haul out or burn (compost?)


Day temps above 50°

2. Fertilize lawn

Low nitrogen and high phosphate

Two feedings a year

3. Deep water trees and shrubs

Evergreen trees until it freezes

Deciduous trees until they drop their leaves

4. Divide perennials

Spring blooming in the fall/fall blooming in the spring

Amend the soil

5. Plant spring bulbs

Plant tulips with base at 9-inches/daffodils at 10-inches

6. Lift tender bulbs and corms for storage

Cannas, gladiolus, dahlias

Dahlias require being frozen down before digging and storing

Rinse soil from bulbs and allow to dry before storing

7. Remove and destroy diseased plants

8. Clean up debris and tools

Remove dirt and sap from tools

Fine grit sandpaper for wood tool handles

Linseed oil for wood handles

Run gas out of engines/change oil

Sharpen nippers, loppers, saws and blades

Hang up tools out of the weather

Roll-up your hoses and make sure they are empty

9. Bring in tender plants

Take cuttings

Give them a haircut

Cut back on fertilizer and water

10. Turn compost pile

Make sure you have the proper proportion of green to brown matter

11. Apply mulch

After the ground freezes

Mulch is to keep the ground from thawing, not to keep it from freezing

12. Apply wind protection around tender shrubs

Japanese maples require burlap around their trunks first couple of years

13. Plant Amaryllis

For Thanksgiving bloom, plant in early October

For Christmas bloom, plant in late November

Keep them in a cool room out of direct light until they begin growing

14. Plant garlic and spinach in the fall for spring harvesting

15. Prepare your roses for winter

16. Begin planning your garden for next year

17. Catalogs